Saturday, September 20, 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 20: Water Marble

Ahh water marble. Each year I've watched other bloggers do the challenge, I think this day is one of the ones everyone hates the most.

I've always had pretty good results with water marbling. Of course, I happened to grab polishes that worked great with it. Today was an experiment in itself.

I was inspired by a necklace, so I used China Glaze - Millenium, Kleancolor - Americano, Revlon - Espresso, and Wet N' Wild Wild Shine - Black Creme to match it. Yes, I do realize that sounds partly like a Starbucks menu. :)

Here's the necklace that I was inspired by. The necklace looks like it's water marbled.

All in all, I was satisfied with these nails.

The first two sets of prompts are done, one more set to go!

Friday, September 19, 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 19: Galaxy

Today was another day I looked forward, because I've been patiently waiting to try out another new polish.

The polish is Sinful Colors - Starry Night, which I found in the new Halloween display at Walgreens. Amazingly, I walked away from the display with only this polish, but looking at the new limited edition glitters, it's definitely making me want to go back.

Starry Night is a black jelly with lots of multicolored glitter and some gold shards mixed in. I want to almost call it a galaxy in a bottle. I did galaxy nails once before, which you can view here. Since there was already so much glitter and dimension in my base, I used less polishes this time.

I sponged on Sinful Colors - Snow Me White and then sponged over that with two other untried polishes I have, Chameleon - Blue Frost and Chameleon - Ballerina.

Yes, I own galaxy leggings. I love galaxies, mmkay.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 18: Half Moons

I've mentioned a couple times already how much I love vintage and retro styles, so when it came to today's nails, my motto was "if it ain't broke, don't fit it."

I went with classic red half moon nails. Inspired by the lovely Dita Von Teese.

To achieve this look, all I used were some hole reinforcement stickers and then painted on Wet N' Wild Mega Last - I Red A Good Book. Topped off with quick dry topcoat and these babies are shining.

This would look awesome with a cool pinup hair style and a red flower in my hair.

I've been rockin the half moon look a lot recently, although usually I do them in black. I have to say that I really like the red too. Sophisticated, classy, and oozing with old Hollywood glamour. Love.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 17: Glitter

I've been waiting for this day to come!

I picked up Sinful Colors - Decadent a few weeks ago and I've been waiting to use it until today. I layered it over Salon Perfect - Glow Pink. More on that in a minute.

Of course, like a crazy person, I decided to try to cover every nail in glitter. For my non-polish lovers who are wondering why that would be crazy, well let's just say glitter is hard to take off. That's a nice way of putting it haha.
The glitter isn't all that dense so I covered as much as I could and then did a tip gradient.

My aunt bought my cousin and I these glittery birdcages and I think it's probably the most glittery thing I own. Maybe.

I did an experiment with these. I just can't seem to find OPI's peel off base coat, and something like that seemed like a must with these. I remember using Glow Pink for my Halloween 2012 nails and the polish peeled off perfectly. I decided to try using it as a base.

Well it did sort of work. Back in 2012, I wore those nails for a few days before they peeled off in sheets. With so many layers of glitter polish, my nails didn't dry all the way and I wanted to take it off before I got it everywhere. It did peel off, although it was sticky and mushy.

It worked good enough for me though. I got most of it off and then used a bit of polish remover to get all of it. It saved me time and effort for sure.

Long story short? In a pinch try a glow in the dark base for your glitter!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 16: Geometric

Whenever I do tribal inspired nails, I tend to just go wild and do whatever I feel like on each nail. You can check out some of the ones I've done here and more recently, here.

I went with a different method this time. I was inspired by a sweater that I own.

You can certainly bet that the polishes used were Wet N' Wild Wild Shine - Black Creme and Sinful Colors - Snow Me White.

This print has more of a geometric, or Southwestern style to it.

Yet again, here is something that I've never worn. It's so cute and perfect for Fall. I'm patiently waiting for it to be cool enough for me to wear. Of course, if the temps could just get below 90, I'd be happy.

Monday, September 15, 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 15: Delicate Print

When it comes to delicate print, I think of cherries. Not only are they delicate, but dainty and girly too. I think cherry print is so cute.

I used Love & Beauty - Ivory for my base, Wet N' Wild Mega Last - I Red A Good Book for my half moons, tips, and cherries, and Sinful Colors - Happy Ending for the leaves.

Told ya that I liked cherries. My lipstick is Wet N' Wild Silk Finish - Cherry Frost. Now isn't that just the cherry on top.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 14: Flowers

Today's nails are brought to you by the letter M for Michael's.

I found some really cute stickers there and decided to use them for today's theme.

I used Wet N' Wild Mega Last - Candy-licious and then stuck on some flower stickers and some 3D stickers called Bling On A Roll.

Would you like a cup of tea?

I've always been inspired by 3D Japanese nail art, it's so kawaii. I'm really happy with these.

One of the reasons that I've never tried the 31 Day Challenge before is that I didn't like the idea of working so hard and making really detailed nails and then having to take them off the next day.

But with these, I took them off right away. I just KNOW I'd end up with little gems everywhere!

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