Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RAWR - Halloween 2012

Hey guys! I got a hold of some pics from Halloween that my uncle took. I felt so crappy for most of October, but thankfully I felt up to venturing out on Halloween.

If you couldn't guess from my Halloween nails, I dressed up as Catwoman, inspired by Eartha Kitt's costume from the 1960's Batman. Yea, I spent a lot of time in bed watching TV and I caught an episode of it and really liked her costume, more than some of the more modern Catwomans.

Yea I know she didn't have a tail, but my ears came with a tail and I wanted to use it. :]

I had fun with makeup and falsies too.
I used:
Prestige Liquid Eyeliner - Popstar
Prestige Liquid Eyeliner - Fame
M.A.C - Retrospeck Eyeshadow
M.A.C - Blacktrack Fluidline
Jesse's Girl - Starshine Eye Dust
Salon Perfect Perfectly Diva Lashes - Enchanting (fitting name right?)

For my lips:
Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipstick - Think Pink
Wet N' Wild MegaLast Lipstick - Dollhouse Pink
Love & Beauty Shine Lipgloss - Light Pink (there's no name on it lol)

As for my plans that night? My cousin got back in town so her and my other cousin and I just walked around the neighborhood. We went trick or treating at a few houses cause we wanted to send the candy back to her brother and sisters but overall we didn't get much candy haha.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Halloween Claws

Hey guys! Today I'm gonna show you all the nails I rocked for Halloween. I cut them into claws, or stilettos as most people know them. :]

My aunt made delicious cupcakes and put these spider rings on top of them. Believe me when I say yummy, they were yummy. Orange creamsicle with buttercream frosting. One of the spiders made it's way into my nail photos. Honestly these are cute spiders, not your typical plastic Halloween spider ring, amiright?

I used:
Salon Perfect - Glow Pink
Wet N' Wild Wild Shine - Black Creme

You know what's really funny about this? These peeled off in perfect sheets. It was like I had used the Essence Peel Off base coat or the glue dupe but nope! Glow Pink is a glow-in-the-dark polish, and I used several coats of that as my base so I'm not sure if that's it or what. It was pretty neat though.

Anyone wanna guess what I went as for Halloween? The claws are a hint!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

O.P.I. - Brand New Skates AKA My First O.P.I.

Hey guys! Hope you all had a good holiday this week! Some of yall might have noticed a trend in polish brands on here... most of my polishes are drugstore brands. I own two China Glazes and they're the only salon polishes I have.

Up until a few months ago. I can finally say I'm the proud owner of an O.P.I. and I love it.

Look, see! Holo flecks!

I was at Target looking at polish and noticed they have O.P.I. now. I picked up a pretty pink and I was surprised to see it was Sparrow Me The Drama from The Pirates Of The Carribean collection.

On a whim I started picking up bottles to look at the names and see if there were any I've seen on blogs and guess what? Most were LE polishes from old collections! Behind a few bottles I found Brand New Skates and I thought I'd seen it online before. 8 bucks or not, I decided to splurge. It's from their 2008 holiday collection called Holiday In Toyland.

I won't bore you with swatches cause it's a 4 year old polish, HTF, and there's already a million swatches out there I'm sure. :] But I'll post a couple manis I did using it so you can see how it looks layered.

First up, here's my right hand that I never posted when I did my Gumby nails. I did my ring finger to look like the red and green checkerboard at the beginning of each Gumby episode but I didn't feel like finishing it. I layered Brand New Skates over the white that I had on my other nails.

This next one was the first manicure I did after I was sick. I had the idea in my head and couldn't wait to try it, especially since my nails were naked and had time to grow out. Then I broke a corner off one. I decided to round them out. I've only ever done this shape once before, I tried to copy some girl's nails that I saw in the video for Kirko Bangz - Drank In My Cup. This was also my first try at freehand leopard print using a dotting tool.

The grey is a Love & Beauty polish and the black is my trusty Wet N' Wild Black Creme.

I'm glad I picked this up when I got the chance. It's a bit sheer, but it's gorgeous on it's own and it's awesome for layering.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Subtle Mint Gradient

Hey guys! It's been a minute, I know. My "cold" turned out to be an infection and I was on two kinds of antibiotics before I started feeling better, the second of which made me feel sicker than I had felt before!

I pulled this one from the vault. I did these a few weeks ago to match my outfit. Only thing was it just wouldn't photograph well enough to show off the gradient, but when I put my nails in front of something it showed up a little. So you get bits and pieces of my shirt and jeans.

I used:
Wet N' Wild Mega Last - I Need A Refresh-Mint
Sinful Colors - Cinderella

Super subtle right? Here's an Instagram collage with my outfit. My cuz was out of town so no proper OOTD pics.

I've got some good posts coming up, including my first O.P.I. (really I didn't own any till now) and my Halloween nails and costume. As soon as I get the pics, I'll post them. Until then check out my Instagram, I toss up some quickies on there before I do full posts.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LDTTWC - Day 8: Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Hey guys! Today is the final day of the Let's Do The Time Warp Challenge, Day 8: Let's Do The Time Warp Again! Before we get into the details, I wanna thank Lindsey of Neverland Nail Blog for hosting such an awesome creative challenge and Nail Art Canada for sponsoring it. This was my first challenge and it was a lot of fun!

I couldn't decide on just 1 manicure that I wanted to recreate. I just wanted to do something with poodles, I kinda forgot about the 50's when I chose my Day 1 inspiration and so many ladies did a great job with it. Here's a list of the manicures that I took inspiration from for this:
Lindsey of Neverland Nail Blog - Day 1
Erin of Hand-y Feats and Other Treats - Day 2
Heather of Peace, Love & Polish - Day 2
Nicole of Nicole Gets Nailed - Day 2
TrendyTips1116 of Polished - Day 2
Rose127 of Nail Polish Creations - Day 2

The saddle shoes on Hand-y Feats and Other Treats and Polished were so cute. I like how Nicole did polka dots in hers. I just got my first dotting tool so I really wanted to include polka dots in this.

Like I said at the top, I had a lot of fun doing this, and I met a lot of awesome talented nail bloggers. This community is really a nice one and I'm glad I decided to do the challenge.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine - Lava Swatch

Good morning lovelies! I'm postponing the last day of Halloween Week until I get better pictures of the costume I wanted to post. Instead I've got swatches of the new Sally Hansen Lustre Shine - Lava. You might remember I used Lava as the base for my Day 7 manicure for the Let's Do The Time Warp challenge.

Lava is just beautiful. It's so shiny and it has that "glow from within" quality to it. At first glance it's orange but it shifts to pink and brown depending on the light. I'm happy that this looks as good on the nails as it does in the bottle.

This first pic was taken indoors with flash, you can see the brown real good here:
This next one was outdoors, it came out a lil dark but check out the duochrome shine on my middle finger:
Then this was out in the sunlight, it looks different again:
Here's a quick lil review: I liked it. It's sheer but not too sheer, two coats covered pretty well. I could've used a 3rd but I'm already getting that feelin like I gotta hoard this lol. I like that it's sheer cause it makes for a good layering polish.

Hopefully this collection isn't limited edition, it doesn't say so on the display. I grabbed Lava cause it was the last bottle and I didn't wanna regret not getting it. I think this is the perfect Fall polish. I hope these stick around cause I wanna try out some of the other colors!

This was a good polish week for me. Along with this I got a Kiss Nail Striper kit AND I also got my very first dotting tool cause Rite Aid had the L.A. Girl Polka Dot Nail Art Collection kits. I'm so excited to use it, I plan on using it for my LDTTWC Day 8 manicure. I hope to do that this weekend, I just haven't been feeling up to it. I'm using a bunch of lovely manis as inspiration and I really wanna do them justice!

Have any of you bought any of the Lustre Shines?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Week Day 4 - Playboy Bunny

Welcome to Day 4 of Halloween Week!

This was a last minute costume. How do you know you have a last minute costume? When you're at the store the day before Halloween and they're starting to clear out the Halloween stuff to put out Christmas stuff, YOU'RE LAST MINUTE STATUS.

I planned on going as a mummy but it didn't look good so I returned the costume and the selection was bare. I ended up buying a set of bunny ears that came with a tail and a bow tie... which reminded me to a Playboy Bunny and I knew I had this shirt so I picked up the petticoat for the bottom and voila!

You might notice a wheelchair in these pictures. That was a prop, I had it for Hef. ;] Nah I actually had it for a relative that fell that day and still wanted to go out trick or treating. In the end she didn't need it and we put food on it when we walked home from a party lol.

This was back in 2010 and another that I don't totally remember what I used for makeup. We can probably say M.A.C - Retrospeck was the highlight, and I think I used a shiny pink loose shadow from Hot Topic. On my nails I had a glow in the dark polish from Walmart, it came in a set with lipstick.
I also forgot to do close up pics that night. I remember I got sick with the flu the day after my uncle's birthday party that I posted about here and I was still getting over it that night. I'm sick as I type this so blah I needa arm myself with vitamin C in October don't I?

Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon so I can start doing some more Halloween nails!
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